Computer Aided Design Engineering Solutions

CAD design for World Cup exhibition globe

Prototype model of indicator lamp

Exploded view of indicator model


CAD Drawing of design for Slatwall Hand drawn sketch          Assembled prototype
CNC Router

CNC router in action step and repeat cutting

CNC Router in action

Equipment and software:

AXYZ Milleneum CNC Router: 1000 x 800 x 240mm 
Boxford Lathe: 600mm x 200mm dia
Wadkin o/h Router:1 Integrated 2 axis H/H each with twin vectoring  providing synchronous 6 axis control
Wadkin o/h Router 2 Compound table overhead router
Rhino 3D modeller: Nurbs based CAD software
AlphaCam CADCAM software
Multicam Routers 2440 x 1220 x 400mm capacity CNC routers
Studio Max: Animation and visualisation software
BobCAD CNC and CAD  Software
Toolpath  : CNC path generation software