We offer a prototype and development service backed by over 47 years of in-house model making.

An area of R&D activity within Circle Plastics is the origination and development of innovative use of many materials for product, display and point of sale applications.

CNC routered and then screen printed. Machine hot line bend to produce the component parts. which are then cemented together to produce  concept in multi-axis marine drive systems. We believe that our in house CADCAM expertise offers significant advantages to our customers for certain applications.
Thermoforming, line bending including jig design and manufacture together with our fabrication skills enable us to produce complex assemblies at competitive prices.

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Aquabat Drive.

We produce not only CAD models but also complete prototypes using many materials, in-house skills and techniques.

The Aquabat drive is a thrust vectoring system produced by Circle Plastics in conjunction with AquaTechnology.. 

The maximum efficiency of this unit was very high and the working model was supplied to  DERA.