FR ABS vacuum formed Shroud


Two 4mm ABS  vacuum formings machined, sonic welded & bonded

Our thermoforming facilities include Pre Drying Ovens, 

Vacuum formed Foamalux PVC cover for substation

1220 x 1550x5mm PVC mouldings

Twin Heater Ridat Vacuum Forming Machines ranging from 300x300x300 to 2000x1220x500mm.

Vacuum formed eaves edge cover

ABS Vacuum forming

Machining and finishing  equipment includes CNC routers, Horizontal & Vertical bandsaw, Edwards Roller presses, Clicker Press, Dukane Ultra Sonic Welding,

HIPS vac formed spigot

HIPS 400mm diameter Spigot

45 degree connector for trunking

Pair of machined & bonded vacuum formings