More About Us at Circle Plastics Limited
Established in 1971 we have 47 years manufacturing experience at your service

Our products are currently displaying Cosmetics, Spectacles, Sunglasses, computers, whisky, watches, and many are used in  packaging products for leading brands.

From the first prototype through to the production run we offer you a complete service.

The picture on the right shows a POS display that securely holds the computer but allows the customer hands-on use for demonstration. The unit consists of a colour matched metallic painted formed sheet metal back onto which is fixed a printed, routered and formed acrylic panel and the computer clamp. Security tri-nuts retain the clamp and a metal cable is supplied for flexible securing of the whole display.

Secure display for Psion

We are 'trade moulder' and many items we produce are for well known design agencies.

As well as rapid prototyping and concept models we produce inexpensive 'mock-ups' to enable designers the opportunity to test layouts and functionality

We offer both end users and agencies a complete manufacturing and distribution service.
Guiness Glove dip mouldingTango Doll rotacast - 1 of 250,00 produced
Using sustainable hardwood resources we produce a wide range of high quality display stands.

Illustrated is an example of a hardwood counter unit we made for Esprit which included felt backing and a concealed mechanism for holding the watches in place. Freestanding polished wooden plinths with injection moulded clips set into the top faces finish off the display. The Esprit logo is printed in silver directly onto the wood to achieve the desired subtle effect.

Every unit we make is 100% quality checked. We take great care to ensure the displays we produce reflect the quality of the products displayed.
Esprit Watch Display

Over the years we have purchased and absorbed several UK vacuum forming companies including, CPK Plastics, Knowlton Plastics, Proform Plastics and Component Plastics. We have also received many supplier of the year awards from our customers.

We are adaptable and keep abreast of the latest in the Point of Purchase marketplace.

Based on our wide breadth of knowledge and experience we are able to assist you in your design by advising on the pros and cons of the many materials now available. Pictured are a few examples of the Point of Sale counter and floor displays we have produced.

If you require just one or thousands of displays we can help you make the right choice at an affordable price.

Vacuum formed 750mm tall ABS Duck