Below a few examples of our work to fire your imagination  the ideas we turned into reality for our customers.

Tape dispenser

Counter point of sale display

'Paper Plane'

Moulded HIPS Paper Plane

Truck Body

Model truck moulded body

Virgin Lounge World Map

500 plastic planes map wall

F & F Sunglass display

Produced for Anglo

Rebel Yell Guitar

Illuminated pub game

Fridge front display

PETG v/f ice cream cup and poster

Food Cover

Clear PETG food cover

Shelf organiser

PVC moulding products tidy

bananas tray M&S

Vacuum Formed PETG

PVC box insert

1 to 1000000 right price, time, quality

Dragons Head money Clip

Solid brass money Clip

Golf Buggy mudguard

Vacuum formed ABS moulded in colours

Counter display

Pre printed HIPS with card insert v/f base.

PETG vacuum forming

Baby pod Lid 4mm Clear

Wheel trim vacuum forming

Metalised ABS wheel trim

1mm Black HIPS mask

Practice Make-Up face mask

Ruby Anniverary gift

Moulded ruby with picture and engraving